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    We are a society based in United States with a French and American engineer & design.

    A very old and special friendship has become into a partnership that has joined us over the distance with the aim of achieving our common objective: passion about t-shirts and our desire to show up our vision about the world.

    We are adventurers with an artistic spirit. We would like to bring to everyone our ideas and experiences, our simple and casual lifestyle, always beside the sea…

    Born of a genuine desire of living,our goal is to make people smile by telling tales through desings and creating the theory of every t-shirt.

    Here there is an idea and a t-shirt for everyone, let us to know it and we will create your own fun specially for you.




    Our mission is to reach out to each and every one with our fresh and unique desings.

    As good vibes creators, we will bring you diversity and creativity every time and on any ocassion.

    We bet for the best quality through a cathalogue with unlimited ideas for your frontal as well as some other clothes pieces we consider appropiate to our website.